Spring alumni events

Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ve got going for alumni this semester. All events are free and, unless otherwise noted, will take place at the Community Engagement Center (1009 E. 11th St. #216). A more detailed calendar should be available soon. We look forward to seeing you there! TUES, JANUARY 31 American Indians and … Continue reading

A note from Matthew Daude Laurents

Hello, Free Minds alumni! A few things you might want to know about the class I’m offering next semester, Philosophy and the Meaning of Life (PHIL 1301): In this course, I will introduce you to major figures and movements in Western philosophy by examining a core problem in our tradition: the meaning of life. Along … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Clayton Stromberger Brings Shakespeare to Free Minds

As coordinator of the UT Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach program, my job is to bring the “Shakespeare at Winedale approach” — active, playful ensemble performance based on a close analysis of the text — to upper-elementary classrooms around Central Texas. Our primary focus is on students in low-income or disadvantaged communities, and our aim is … Continue reading

This spring, study philosophy with Free Minds

Big news! This January we are launching a cycle of spring classes for Free Minds graduates, similar to the alumni classes we piloted in 2009-10. We hope that each spring semester alumni will have the opportunity to take a credit-bearing ACC class that’s designed around the principles of Free Minds. The Spring 2012 class will … Continue reading

Fall 2011 alumni master classes

Hey alumni! We’re excited to share with you a calendar of events for the fall semester. We hope to see you at as many as you have time for, starting with Clayton Stromberger’s upcoming master class on Thursday, September 22. He’ll be discussing The Tempest, the Shakespeare play assigned to this year’s Free Minds class. … Continue reading

A new master class for Free Minds alumni

Free Minds alumni: we’re excited to offer a unique August master class to get you up on your feet and out of the classroom. On August 10th, 6:30-8:30 pm, Dr. Ted Gordon, Dept. Chair of African and African Diaspora Studies at UT, will give a 2-hour walking tour focusing on the racial geography of UT. … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Emily Whitehurst ’11: “I Will Not Stop Learning”

When I applied to the Free Minds Project, I thought my learning days were over. Yet through the curriculum and direction of the faculty, I discovered that a person is never too old to learn. This past year we read a vast number of literature, plays, poems, and memoirs that got me out of my … Continue reading

Free Minds receives two-year grant from TG

We’re thrilled to announce that the TG Public Benefit Grant Program has awarded us a two-year grant of $135,890 to support our 2011-12 and 2012-13 classes as well as alumni programming and classes, community writing workshops, and the development of a mentorship program. In year two it also covers salary costs to bring on a … Continue reading

Hey Free Minds alumni!

I hope June is off to a good start for all of you. Vive and I having been planning new alumni programming for the summer, and the first master class is coming up in just a few weeks. Here’s the info: On Tuesday, June 14 from 7 – 8:30 pm, Amira Pollock will give a … Continue reading

Blind-Sided: Dr. Evan Carton on Race in Pop Culture

In the second of a series of masters classes this fall, Free Minds students and alumni welcomed Dr. Evan Carton, UT Professor of English and former Free Minds faculty, to discuss The Blind Side, the 2009 film about a homeless boy who became an All-American football player. The class met over coffee and cookies at … Continue reading