A new master class for Free Minds alumni

Free Minds alumni: we’re excited to offer a unique August master class to get you up on your feet and out of the classroom. On August 10th, 6:30-8:30 pm, Dr. Ted Gordon, Dept. Chair of African and African Diaspora Studies at UT, will give a 2-hour walking tour focusing on the racial geography of UT. The tour will feature some of the university’s most famous landmarks, from the clock tower to the residence hall controversially named after a former Klan leader. These landmarks carry the legacy of Confederate racism, says Dr. Gordon, but he also points to more recent changes on campus, such as the statue of civil rights champion and former UT law professor Barbara Jordan.

We’ll meet on the UT campus at 6:30 at the Littlefield House (Guadalupe and 24th). If you want to carpool, meet at the Community Engagement Center (1009 E. 11th St) at 6 pm.

Hope to see you there!

EDIT: Alas, the walking tour of UT with Dr. Ted Gordon has been postponed until October, when the weather is more reasonable. More details soon. Stay cool, everyone!

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