The Class

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Course Content

Free Minds students study the humanities in an intensive, discussion-based seminar environment.  Class sessions help students develop the skills of close reading, critical thinking, and communication.

Discover our course content by visiting our What We Study page.



The Free Minds class is team-taught by a group of experienced professors from UT and ACC. One instructor serves in the course each year as a dedicated writing consultant, whose primary aim is to prepare students for college-level writing. Each professor teaches a unit of six classes within her/his discipline in the fall and again in the spring.

Check out our Faculty page to meet our current professors.


Child Care

Free Minds creates an environment for intergenerational learning by serving the children of our students. A youth development program, run by Creative Action while students are in class, allows children ages five and up to learn while their parents learn.

Visit our Child Care page for details.

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