A note from Matthew Daude Laurents

Hello, Free Minds alumni! A few things you might want to know about the class I’m offering next semester, Philosophy and the Meaning of Life (PHIL 1301): In this course, I will introduce you to major figures and movements in Western philosophy by examining a core problem in our tradition: the meaning of life. Along … Continue reading

This spring, study philosophy with Free Minds

Big news! This January we are launching a cycle of spring classes for Free Minds graduates, similar to the alumni classes we piloted in 2009-10. We hope that each spring semester alumni will have the opportunity to take a credit-bearing ACC class that’s designed around the principles of Free Minds. The Spring 2012 class will … Continue reading

Fall 2011 alumni master classes

Hey alumni! We’re excited to share with you a calendar of events for the fall semester. We hope to see you at as many as you have time for, starting with Clayton Stromberger’s upcoming master class on Thursday, September 22. He’ll be discussing The Tempest, the Shakespeare play assigned to this year’s Free Minds class. … Continue reading

Congratulations, Free Minds graduates!

“I always wanted to go to college; I just thought that I wouldn’t be able to make the grade,” says Rachel Martinez, Free Minds ’11. But when she saw her youngest son wavering about attending college, 58-year-old Martinez decided to take the plunge herself. “My son graduated from high school on a Friday and I … Continue reading

Upcoming Master Class with Marcus McQuirter

Marcus McQuirter, ACC Associate Professor of Drama and former Free Minds faculty (2009), will give a master class for Free Minds students and alumni on Wednesday, March 9. A seasoned theater director and dynamic speaker, Marcus is excited to return to the Free Minds classroom to guide a discussion on For Colored Girls, the feature … Continue reading

Free Minds Welcomes Class of 2011

After months of recruitment and interviews, we are thrilled to welcome the class of 2011! This year Free Minds enrolled eighteen women and two men whose ages span four decades. The class includes city and state employees, a former ski instructor, students from Sweden, Belize, and Mexico, writers and artists, mothers and great-grandmothers. We are … Continue reading

Free Minds featured on the ACC homepage!

FREE MINDS OPENS DOOR TO NEW IDEAS Program Offers Free College to Eligible Students After three years of proven success, the Free Minds Project is recruiting new students. A partnership between Austin Community College and the University of Texas at Austin, the Free Minds Project offers nontraditional students a chance to try college by enrolling … Continue reading

Abbie Navarrete, Free Minds ’07, graduates from ACC

When Abbie Navarrete walked the stage at ACC on Thursday after completing her A.A. in philosophy, “it was the culmination of a dream,” she says. “As far as the degree process goes, that was done. I knew I’d pass my classes,” she laughs. “But my kids were at the graduation ceremony, and I could feel … Continue reading