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March 2022

Free Minds returns to in-person classes, alumni share successes, and students tell stories of immigration.

September 2021

Another year begins with new students, new staff, and new opportunities.

May 2021

New chapters as students and staff alike graduate from another year of Free Minds.

March 2021

Program updates, registration resilience, and Shakespeare in 2021

February 2021

Meet our newest cohort!

December 2020

Lauretta (’20) inspires us to use our voice and Sandy (’18) graduates from ACC

September 2020

Meet our fall alumni cohort and new writing faculty member!

August 2020

We thank Irene Salas for her immeasurable contributions and practice gratitude.

June 2020

Our resilient Class of 2020 overcomes online learning and celebrates graduation!

April 2020

We welcome new staff and share a poem about a student’s hometown.

May 2019

Our fabulous Class of 2019 celebrates graduation.

March 2019

Program updates, and open applications for Succeed and Free Minds!

January 2019

’14 alum Yvonne graduates ACC and current students earn an extra credit towards their associate degrees.

November 2018

Meet Demetra (’19), Alondra (’19), and the fall 2018 writing workshop.

September 2018

Meet our newest cohort!

July 2018

Recruitment updates and wise words from a few alums.

May 2018

We honor the Free Minds Class of 2018.

March 2018

A peek inside the spring writing workshop and our Creative Action classroom.

January 2018

Spring 2018 kicks off!

November 2017

Student Lidia Simmons shares her tips for success.

September 2017

Welcome to the Class of 2018!

July 2017

Free Minds celebrates alum Tasha as she achieves her Bachelor degree.

May 2017

The Class of 2017 shines at graduation and Free Minds welcomes new staff.

February 2017

College Hub brings Free Minds students and staff a new kind of support.

November 2016

Free Minds’ beloved director, Vivé, passes the torch.

September 2016

The Class of 2017 embarks on a year of study and community.

May 2016

Free Minds turned ten years old and had a big party to celebrate.

March 2016

Read one alum’s story of becoming a nurse and a current student’s “This I Believe” essay.

January 2016

At the start of a new semester, we honor a 2012 alum and focus on the role of the reader.

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