Free Minds 2013 Graduation Ceremony at the HRC

With your help, we can provide many more adults and families with life-enriching access to college education in the humanities.

Since 2006, Free Minds has offered rigorous humanities education to low income adults, creating a space for non-traditional students to explore their intellectual potential and develop the skills they need to thrive in college. We have a proven track record of success, with 77% of students taking additional college courses after completing Free Minds.

In 2013, Free Minds became a program of Foundation Communities, an Austin-area non-profit providing quality affordable housing and support services to thousands of low-income families and individuals. Foundation Communities’ proven model is aimed at helping residents and neighbors to achieve educational success and financial stability. In addition to owning and operating 17 properties in Austin and North Texas, Foundation Communities creates enriched learning environments for over 700 children as well as ongoing adult education and financial coaching.

Please consider giving

$10 to allow a student to see a live Shakespeare performance
$25 to buy two course books for a student
$250 to provide a week of hot healthy meals for the class and their children
$500 to cover a child in the Camp Fire USA program for one semester
$1,225 to sponsor a Free Minds student for one semester of the program

How to Give

Visit the Foundation Communities Donate Page, and type “Free Minds” in the Optional Tribute box.

Donor Appreciation

Free Minds is grateful to the following donors, whose generous support has enabled us to serve eight classes of students and their families:

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