Minds on Fire

The Alcalde, the alumni magazine of The University of Texas, just published a beautiful article about Free Minds that we think captures the spirit and purpose of the program: “Minds on Fire: What happens when disadvantaged adults learn to read Shakespeare and debate philosophy? How the Free Minds Project is changing lives through the humanities.” … Continue reading

Free Minds in the Austin-American Statesman!

The Austin-American Statesman published an article about Free Minds in late October, highlighting students’ exploration of Shakespeare: Making college accessible to those who might skip it. We love the photos. Thanks to all who help tell the story of Free Minds. Keep spreading the word!

Camp Fire Kids Take on the Humanities, Too

When Free Minds students studied Shakespeare in the fall, their children did the same. “The kids did an awesome job with Romeo and Juliet,” says teacher Anna-Marie Rider. “It’s so cool to see the younger kids understand and relate to the story. They’d say things like, ‘Romeo was silly to take that medicine. If only … Continue reading

Free Minds at Five: Reflections from Sylvia Gale, Founding Director

Four years and one month ago, the first class of Free Minds Project students met in the community room of the Foundation Communities Vintage Creek apartment complex on Northeast Drive. For each of the 25 students, six faculty members, and two staff sitting packed in close around the seminar tables, sharing our thoughts and dreams … Continue reading

Free Minds Partners with the Austin Can! Academy

If you come to visit a Free Minds class this year, you’ll find us set up on Rosewood Avenue at the Austin Can! Academy. Austin Can! has opened its doors to Free Minds, offering us a seminar space for our adult class as well as a classroom and outdoor space for the Camp Fire USA … Continue reading

Guest blogger Kellee Coleman ’08 reflects on Plato’s REPUBLIC

When I started Free Minds in 2007, my son UsZee was four months old and I already had my three-year-old daughter Journee. At the time, I was living in South Austin in a one-bedroom apartment at a Foundation Communities property and making $8,000 a year. I had a 1987 Chevy Beretta that was on its … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Martha Randall (FM ’08) Reflects on Camp Fire USA

I loved being a stay-at-home mom, but it was my dream to go to college. So when my only child, Matilda, entered kindergarten, I entered college through the Free Minds Project. Twice a week I went to class and my little Matilda joined the Camp Fire USA group in the room next door. For two … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Charmaine Nichols Reflects on the Alumni Classes

After graduating from Free Minds in the spring of 2009 I knew that continuing my education was not just a dream anymore; it was now my reality. While selecting my courses to attend ACC in the fall I received an e-mail addressed to Free Minds alumni (that would be me) offering advanced courses for alumni … Continue reading

A Good Reminder from Mike Rose

To feel intellectually cherished – which also means being intellectually challenged and pushed – enables people to be smart.