Camp Fire Kids Take on the Humanities, Too

When Free Minds students studied Shakespeare in the fall, their children did the same. “The kids did an awesome job with Romeo and Juliet,” says teacher Anna-Marie Rider. “It’s so cool to see the younger kids understand and relate to the story. They’d say things like, ‘Romeo was silly to take that medicine. If only … Continue reading

Meet Free Minds Student Lorena Elias

Lorena Elias is a Community Worker with the Austin Health and Human Services Department. She learned about Free Minds from a flyer her 9-year-old son, Miguel, brought home from UT Elementary School. Of all the texts she’s read in class so far, her favorite is A Midsummer Night’s Dream–not surprising, as she loves theater and … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Martha Randall (FM ’08) Reflects on Camp Fire USA

I loved being a stay-at-home mom, but it was my dream to go to college. So when my only child, Matilda, entered kindergarten, I entered college through the Free Minds Project. Twice a week I went to class and my little Matilda joined the Camp Fire USA group in the room next door. For two … Continue reading