Reasons to Amplify Free Minds: Intergenerational Community

Student Tari Jordan Couldn’t Wait for Class to Start

My eight-year-old daughter and I were so excited to start the spring semester that we showed up early, arriving to the classroom on Monday instead of Wednesday, our bus ride across town a sad yet hilarious exercise in futility. Walking to the class, my daughter couldn’t help but tell me that she had butterflies in her tummy. She so loves her teacher, Mr. R.J., and the projects they all do together, that she was thrilled to be coming back after the break. She didn’t even say that about Christmas, yet Free Minds (what she calls her “second school”) gave her those feelings.

I came to Austin two years ago, and it turned out to be the best move of my life. Austin opened herself to me and my children with an embrace that I’ve never experienced from any other town, city, or berg I’ve lived in.

I now live in a very supportive and positive community, through which I heard about Free Minds. When my friend began telling me of it, every sentence brought a bigger smile to my face, an increase to my heart beat. Being part of the Class of 2013 has meant the world to me. The reading, the writing, the expression, the passion, and the knowledge that all the instructors bring to the class has been phenomenal, more than I ever imagined. The friendships, the sense of community, and the closeness we all feel as a class are tangible gifts I hope to always carry with me.

All this to say, this program has made a huge difference to me and my daughter, who gets to see her mother actively learning and loving it, while participating herself. I eagerly look forward to every class. And I am actively looking into furthering my education once the program ends.

I wish all colleges worked like Free Minds. I love being a part of it!

Amplify Austin is a city-wide day of online giving which will take place on from 7 pm March 4 to 7 pm March 5. Central Texas residents are invited to come together to raise $1 for the local non-profits that enrich our city–including Free Minds. To learn more about how you can support Free Minds through Amplify Austin, visit

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