Help us Amplify Free Minds

At 7 pm on March 4, Free Minds students will be gearing up for Monday evening class as usual. But before we open our books, we will celebrate the start of Amplify Austin, a city-wide day of online giving. Hosted by I Live Here, I Give Here, Amplify Austin includes over 300 participating non-profit organizations, Free Minds among them.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 during the 24-hour giving period. The funds will go toward providing course books, child care, faculty stipends, and meals to participants of the class of 2013-14. We need your help! To donate to Free Minds, visit the Amplify Austin website during the event.


Looking for reasons why Free Minds deserves your support on March 4-5?

We asked members of our community that very question: “Why do you support Free Minds?” Here’s what they had to say:

“Free Minds has allowed me to open my mind to areas I’ve not visited in years and perhaps would not have if it weren’t for the encouragement, respect, leadership, and trust I’ve received in the Free Minds workshops.” – Maria Andrade, Free Minds workshop participant

“Free Minds is an exceptional program for those who have been locked out, denied access to pursuing higher academic attainment. Free Minds takes adult learners where they are and allows those living on meager means to realize their dream of a higher degree if only they would dare to soar academically.” – Rev. Freddie Dixon, Director, Community Engagement Center, UT Austin

“The question I ask myself is why should access to the great animating ideas of the world be limited only to those who were born under some lucky socio-economic star? The great ideas like truth, beauty, goodness, freedom, piety, and justice are great because they bring value to everyone’s life, no matter the circumstances of that life. Free Minds is the access road to the highway of wisdom.” – Lyman Grant, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Austin Community College

“When I think of Free Minds, I remember my grandfather. He never had the opportunity to access much formal education and yet he had so much wisdom to share with me and those around him about what’s important in life. I love that Free Minds gives students the chance to study the humanities and give voice to their experiences and perspectives in ways that truly enrich our community.” – Julian Huerta, Deputy Executive Director, Foundation Communities

“Free Minds infuses college with community, making the learning environment all the more easy. Students are challenged to think critically and learn at an exponential rate. It is hard work that feels more like sitting at the family dinner table among hungry teens eager to eat, only these are adults willing and eager to satisfy a different kind of hunger.” -Lucia A. Williams, Free Minds Class of 2011

“I support the Free Minds Project because they support me in so many ways beyond education. All of the professors and staff are part of my extended family. They have willing ears and warm hearts. I will make the transition to ACC without worries because Free Minds has given me the tools to take my education to the next level. Life-changing events are few and far between; my life has changed for the better and ain’t no stopping me now.” – Angelique Martin, Free Minds Class of 2013

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