Blanton Museum Tour Explores American Story in Art

border crossingStanding before Luis Jimenez’ massive fiberglass sculpture “Border Crossing” at the Blanton Museum on January 17, Free Minds students contemplated the artwork depicting a man carrying a woman and child across the river into the U.S. “I was struck by the color and history in the piece,” said student Cynthia Mays, “and the man’s strength.”

The tour invited students to consider a broad range of American experience, culture, and history. Annette Carlozzi, senior curator for the Blanton, led the class through paintings documenting the American West at the turn of the century, an airplane constructed of discarded lumber, and a blue, bejeweled sculpture titled “Lady Lazarus”. Each stop along the way provoked conversation about the artist’s context and message.

The evening ended with Peter Dean’s riotous painting “Dallas Chaos II,” a reimagining of the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Glancing between a photograph of the actual event and the painting depicting it, students saw how an artist can comment on a historic moment, transforming it into a work of personal expression.

Students left with a new appreciation and appetite for art. “It was a breathtaking experience,” said Angelique Martin. “I found myself wanting to look at everything.”


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