Read Stacey Kennedy’s powerful poem from Free Minds Graduation

I Rebuke Thee

I often wonder if Fear
will ever get to be
so  far away from me
that I can live actually live to be
the person that god created me to be.  Fear
it’s been with me for years.  Fear
I can hardly hold back my tears.  Fear
it has been my comrade,  my go to.  Fear
has walked with me hand in hand.  Fear
has been that ride or die chick.  Fear
has been the puppet master that I mimicked.  Fear
has been the beat to my song. Fear
has written the lyrics and for some reason
I sing along. Fear
has been the motion behind my steps.  Fear
has silenced my crying out for help.  Fear
has blinded me  from my sight. Fear
keeps blocking the punches  when I try to fight.  Fear
has beat me down so low. Fear
has tricked me  into thinking that there’s  nowhere else to go. Fear
has taken the intent  from what I actually meant
twisting my words and
using them against me.  Now, I am afraid to speak.  Fear
has presented itself bigger than me
and bullied me until I was weak.

But, as “The Word” says let the weak say
I am strong.  Fear
has forgotten that I am in a relationship with
The Almighty One.
and the more I commit and strengthen my relationship with
the more I’ll have and the better I will be.
You see, fear
really has no part of me.  fear
is just a false representation of what is actually meant to be.  fear
is merely a misconception of my reality. fear
is the bootleg version of life itself.  fear
will rob you of your value while relinquishing you of all your wealth.  fear
it despises the very thought of you and it’s only job  is to abort
everything that you try to do.  fear
has so many faces and goes by so many names, yet fear
is the name we sometimes all proclaim.
If you allow it, fear
will pursue you.
If you accept it, fear
will take over you.
But, if you denounce it,  fear
must leave you.  fear
I rebuke thee.

by Stacey Kennedy, Free Minds Class of 2012, and performed at the Free Minds Graduation Ceremony on May 21, 2012

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