Guest Blogger Lisa Pous ’12: “I am not limiting myself any longer.”

I am a proud mother of three teenagers and a domestic violence survivor who is learning to thrive. I have no formal education past the eighth grade, having passed a GED exam before high school. With the help of local domestic violence resources I have been able to change my life around one tiny step at a time to live more fully in the now and see a better future for myself and my children as I show them how to bravely navigate through barriers. We are worthy of all the good in life.

My feelings over my unconventional education vary. I used to feel that my GED was a source of embarrassment, something I had failed at instead of the stepping stone I view it as today. I found my education outside of the classroom, reading anything I could get my hands while testing out a new interest in politics, world causes, and other current affairs, always hungering for more.

Free Minds jumped out at me through a flier displayed at my domestic violence resource center. It spoke immediately to all of my fears and needs, promising to connect me to a small community of other nervous inspired learners, guiding me through the step-by-step process of essay-building in a safe environment.

The more I do that I enjoy, the more amazing opportunities become available that I am ready for and that suit my needs perfectly. I am now trained and certified with SafePlace, a leading resource in domestic violence, and with the National Domestic Violence Hotline as an advocate for other victims and survivors. Given the chance for my world to open up past domestic violence education, my goals and ideas may change completely. I am not limiting myself any longer.

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