Students Visit UT’s Blanton Museum of Art

On January 20, Annette Carlozzi, Deputy Director of Art & Programs at the Blanton Museum, treated Free Minds students and faculty to a tour of the American and Contemporary collections.

We began with a long consideration of Teresita Fernández’s Stacked Waters, the 3,100 square feet of acrylic that cover the atrium walls in a striped blue pattern. Carlozzi reminded us that we experience art not just with our eyes, but with our whole bodies.

We explored Melissa Miller’s vivid Zebras and Hyenas and the stunning tapestry made of liquor bottle tops by the West African artist El Anatsui. We stopped by Karl Zerbe’s striking painting Woman on Trapeze, where project director Vivé Griffith shared the poem she wrote for the Blanton Poetry Project. We considered the abstract Light Pink Octagon by Richard Tuttle and how it challenges us to question the boundaries of art.

Beyond introducing students to the art, Carlozzi shared why selecting, exhibiting, and cultivating visual art has been her life’s work. “Often I look at a piece of art and the hair on my arms stands up,” she said, “Art has the power to make me think and feel and see in a different way.”

Later, when viewing the video installation “Black Ghost Blues Redux,” student Andrea Greiner turned to Carlozzi and said, “I’m getting those chills you talked about.”

We all left the museum with a new perspective on how artists see the world.

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