Student Stories

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Kellee Coleman

“At home I found myself cutting off the TV and reading The Republic to my kids. I would try and explain it to my mom, my brother, random people on the street, whoever would listen. I loved it.” Read more.

Amanda Jacobs

“The past few months that I have been involved with Free Minds I have noticed a change within myself. I have noticed that I have become more vocal and more willing to express my personal opinions in discussions.” Read more.

Marissa Machado

“My company keeps a card in our lobby area that says, ‘My life expands inside my grateful heart.’ Today I am grateful for my health, my children and the confidence I gained in Free Minds.” Read more.

Maryann Ramos

“When I read the hand-outs and go over the syllabus, I feel alive and very proud I had a chance to experience what a freshman at Princeton experiences. Feeling this freshness gives me a lot of hope for the educational opportunity my daughter has now that she is attending middle school at Kipp College Preparatory.” Read more.

Emily Whitehurst

“Not more than a year ago I had only dreams of getting a college degree. Now I see that dream in my focus and work towards it every day.” Read more.

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