Advisory Committee

The Free Minds Advisory Committee meets monthly to help the program achieve its strategic and fundraising goals. This committee provides Free Minds with Strategic Oversight, a Brain Trust, Fundraising, and Advocacy. 

The committee is a diverse body of leadership volunteers, made up of representatives from the academic and social service communities, as well as Free Minds alumni and the government sector.

Current committee members include:

Dr. Evan Carton: Professor of English, Founder of UT Humanities Institute
Freddie Dixon: Executive Director, Community Engagement Center
Jennifer Furl: Freelance Writer and Teacher
Jennifer Herber: Public Information Specialist, Austin Police Department
Julian Huerta: Deputy Executive Director, Foundation Communities
Stacey Kennedy: Alumna, Free Minds Project
Polly Levers: Case Manager, Goodwill Industries
Dr. Barbara Mink: Chair of ACC’s Committee of Trustees, Professor, Fielding Graduate University
Katie Navine: Vice President of Workforce Development Solutions (retired), Goodwill Industries
Louise Sawaki: Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator, Housing Authority of Austin

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