Camp Fire USA

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One of the ways that Free Minds removes barriers to higher education for adults is by providing a youth development program for students’ children through Camp Fire USA. Children ages 5 to 17 whose parents are enrolled in the Free Minds humanities course are welcome to attend Camp Fire USA from 6:30 – 8:30 pm on class nights. Click here to hear from one Free Minds student about her daughter’s experience with the Camp Fire program. Or check out our blog story, “Camp Fire Kids Take on the Humanities Too.”

Camp Fire USA allows children to learn while their parents learn, affirming the value of education at any age.


Every Camp Fire club meeting features:

  • A healthy evening meal
  • Homework time
  • Group activities
  • Outdoor activities


The program curriculum also includes:

  • Humanities lessons
  • Field trips to UT campus
  • Art projects
  • Team-building
  • Literacy support
  • Health and exercise
  • Environment awareness
  • Peer pressure awareness


Camp Fire USA Balcones Council is a non-profit youth organization that serves ten Central Texas counties. You can learn more about Camp Fire USA by visiting their website.


If you are interested in applying for Free Minds and need child care for children under five years old, please speak directly with Free Minds staff. Other options may be available.

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